Affordable Organic Cloth Diapers

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This post was contributed to The Cloth Diaper Whisperer in August 2011 and sums up the cost difference between organic cloth diapers and synthetic ones.

When I was new to cloth diapering I was overwhelmed with all the different styles and brands available. There were diapers with Velcro, snaps, velour, and even pockets. All of them were adorable, had different styles and fit, and they were all made with different materials. Some were waterproof with the very popular microfiber inserts, some were cotton or organic cotton, and much to my surprise some were even made with hemp. Growing up in a household that reused and recycled pretty much everything (as in, I got all my sister’s hand-me-downs), my children were destined to have fluffy bums of some sort.

Apart from finding the right closure, style, and fit (which is mind boggling at the beginning, as we all know), I felt like I was also faced with another hard decision: natural or synthetic. For a big part of my life I strived to be green and “go organic”, so my future children and grandchildren have a beautiful world to live in. And, of course cd’s are WAY more eco-friendly than sposies, but I still conflicted with this and had to weigh my options.

The upfront cost of cloth can definitely put a dent in anyone’s budget. So, the price of different diapers is something to take into consideration. There are lots of different diaper packages available that will reduce the cost of each diaper when you purchase a certain amount, so definitely use them to your benefit! You can save upwards of $1.50 per diaper when going this route. With all of this info stored in the back of my mind I compared organic diapers with others made from synthetic materials. I found that, when looking at the big picture, I really wouldn’t be spending that much more if I chose to go with organics. For a dozen organic diapers I would be spending about $60 more compared to diapers made with synthetics. And, that’s the high end, for organic diapers that are about $25 each. There are lots of other options that cost significantly less and are still made with natural and organic materials; you just have to look for them [yay BabyKicks!]. Some retailers, like Kelly’s Closet, also offer a free diaper with purchases over a certain amount. Who doesn’t like freebies? Another great way to get the stash you want without spending a ton of money is to ask for cloth diapers as gifts, or even buy them gently used.

In the end, the key to my organic stash was taking advantage of all the possibilities I just mentioned and the fact I would still be saving a ridiculous amount of money over disposables. I did also have to trade 2 nice dinner and a movie dates with my love, but all in all, it was definitely worth it!


Happy Hemp Day!

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Hump Day. We’ve all heard it, said it, or wished it was over at some time or another. And, when it comes to cloth diapers, “Hump Day” doesn’t have much meaning. Why should it? As a new parent most of us are happy to get 2 hours of sleep and all the days run together. On the other hand, as the little ones grow, Wednesday either becomes wash day or not wash day.

We feel the unfairness “Hump Day” has been subjected to by the cloth diapering world is absolutely unreasonable! Therefore, we make a proposal on behalf of all cloth diaper users across the globe:

“Hump Day” will be renamed “Hemp Day” and all fluffy bottoms should be gently (and securely) wrapped in a super absorbent and environmentally friendly hemp diaper to show their support of “Hemp Day”!

So, what do you think? We think everyone should start spreading the word because today is the day!

Happy Hemp Day!

To help us choose the official graphic of Hemp Day, head over to our Facebook Page and like your favorite picture!


“BabyKicks Jingle”

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(To the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Dashing through the snow,
in a BabyKicks 3g!
Happy that I know,
no leaks will pester me!
Trim absorbent hemp,
organic cotton and,
super soft bamboo against my squishy baby’s skin!

Oh! BabyKicks, BabyKicks, BabyKicks 3g!
Air flow gussets battle rash, it’s such a great feeling!
Oh! BabyKicks, BabyKicks, BabyKicks 3g
One size diaper saves money and fits through potty learning!


Honoring & Remembering

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I saw something yesterday that prompted me to write this post. It is completely not cloth diaper related, and not something that any of us want to see everyday. But, I think it gives deeper meaning to the holidays. Many families go through hard times and the holidays are when we can truly lean on each other and draw strength. I saw a post about a great way to honor and remember someone special. This was written on Facebook for Karing for Keegan. I edited the original quote slightly to make it a little more personal:

“Had an awesome idea for honoring and remembering [our little one] this Christmas. [He] LOVED Elmo–and what a neat idea it would be if everyone got an elmo ornament to hang on their tree — and each year when you pull it out, you can say a prayer and remember [him]. We’d love to see pictures of your elmo ornaments on your trees! And how fun it will be for [him] to see all those elmos on our trees!”

I think this is an awesome idea to remember loved ones, and I think its a great tradition. If you have loved ones that you would like to honor, what better way to do it than with an ornament on the Christmas tree? We will start doing this, this year… with Elmo :) .

You can find more about Keegan’s Elmos here, who is the inspiration for this tradition.


Natural Babies Photo Contest (closed)

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We know that little ones everywhere kick around in BabyKicks Diapers everyday. And, we love to see them! Since BabyKicks is a green company we would like to sponsor a photo contest to see BabyKicks Babies in nature. On green grass, smelling flowers, or feeding ducks are a few examples;  but, feel free to use your imagination!

We will have 2 WINNERS!

1- The photo with the most “Likes”

2- One of our voters (YES! If you vote, you might win!)

The Details:

Little ones must be visibly wearing a BabyKicks diaper (3g Pocket, Organic fitted, or Prefold) and photos will be placed in an album on our Facebook Page. Our fans will be allowed to vote for the winner!

  • The deadline to submit a photo is Saturday August 20th at midnight.
  • Voting will be open on Sunday August 21st and will close on Saturday August 27th at midnight.
  • To vote for a baby simply “Like” their photo. The photo with the most “Likes” at the end of the contest wins!

The Prizes:


1 BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper

1 BabyKicks Hemp Prefold (your choice of size)

1 Premium JoeyBunz


1 BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper

To Participate:

Images must be emailed to gina at babykicks dot com to be uploaded into the contest album (Facebook does not allow tagged images to be moved into albums) *Note* images sent in by participants will not be used for anything other than this photo contest, and all rights belong the submitter. To keep things fair we can only accept one entry (photo) per family.

Or, just VOTE! Winner for our “voters” will be chosen by placing names into a numbered spreadsheet and winning number drawn via Random.org.



FIFA Women’s World Cup, Go USA!

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            The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup is upon us!  The United States played their first game June 28th, beating Korea, and we at BabyKicks are rooting them on as they make their way to the knock-out rounds of the competition.  Around the world, millions of passionate fans are captivated by the tournament, and citizens unite in support of their nation’s team.  The constant drumming of fans adorned in their team’s colors, while waving flags and blowing their vuvuzelas, keeps excitement and anticipation running high.

To show our support for the U.S. Women’s team we decided to diaper some of their smallest fans in red, white, and blue for a video shoot.  We headed out under clear blue skies onto beautiful plush green soccer fields for a day of fun!  Of course, things didn’t go quite as planned, but does it ever when making an attempt at getting multiple babies to do anything in unison?  However, no worries! We still got a lot of great shots of those sweet faces and brightly colored bums chasing tiny soccer balls and waving the American flag!

The United States Women’s Team has won the FIFA World Cup twice and we hope they can add a third title to the list in Germany (as long as the U.S. refrains from eliminating the host nation from the tournament).  Here’s the link to see our diapered fans in action!


Oh yea, BIG thanks and shout out to Crown Sports Center in Fruitland, MD for letting us use their awesome fields to shoot the video. You guys rock!


Learn About Cloth Diapers

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We are having another Cloth Diapers 101 Class on Friday July 1st at 3pm (EST). This is an online class, so you can watch from anywhere! We know it isn’t always possible to attend an in store class, so we wanted to make it as convenient as possible for everyone (this includes daddy and caregivers). If you are seriously thinking about taking the plunge into the world of cloth, are just interested in learning some facts, or are already a cloth user with questions this class will be a wealth of info! The host will be BabyKicks own cloth diaper guru. It will last about an hour and will be recorded for anyone who can’t make it at the scheduled time (or if you just want to go back and listen to something again). Details are below and we hope you can make it!

Where: www.ustream.tv/channel/BabyKicks
When:  July 1, 2011 @ 3pm (eastern)
What to do: Go to the website listed above and we will broadcast live at the scheduled time. There is a chat box for questions and comments, also. To chat, simply create an account on the site (Ustream). It is free and only takes a minute.


JoeyBunz for Every Bum

One of the most frequent compliments we receive from our customers is how happy they are with our JoeyBunz inserts. Everyone loves the hourglass shape, trimness, and absorbency these inserts offer. And, we have had numerous satisfied parents share their stories about overnight success and no more smells from synthetic fibers. It’s great to hear all of the wonderful feedback from our customers and I want to share some of the ways they use our JoeyBunz with great results.

1) Use as an insert with any diapering system. Our inserts fit inside every diapering system on the market, and many cloth diapering families will replace there entire stash of inserts with our JoeyBunz. They are only about 1/8 of an inch thick, so they can definitely trim up your favorite diaper without a problem.

2) Use as a doubler for naps, nights, & heavy wetters. JoeyBunz are thin and hold a ton (big thanks to the hemp content!) they can easily be added for extra absorbency any time it’s needed. They work nicely as doublers inside Prefolds and Flats, too. Car rides, days out, & sleepy time are no match for super absorbent JoeyBunz.

3) Lay inside a diaper cover. Since JoeyBunz are made from natural hemp and certified organic cotton they can be placed right up against baby’s skin. Laying them inside a cover is a great way to get the benefits of natural fiber diapers without having to purchase an entire diaper. This works just like an AI2 (All-in-2) system.

4) Lay on top of synthetic materials for sensitive baby bums. Some babies are sensitive to synthetic material when it is right up against their skin. Our JoeyBunz are a great way to bypass a sensitivity by just laying the insert on top of the synthetic material (stay dry pocket diapers area good example of this). It’s possible that you may have multiple children in diapers at the same time, and one is sensitive and the other isn’t. This is a great way to share diapers between them without having to purchase a whole other stash of diapers.

These are the most common ways our JoeyBunz are used, but if you use them in another way that works for you please feel free to share! I hope this helps some of you that are looking for a solution, have questions, or that simply want to try something different. Either way, we’re sure you will love our JoeyBunz!

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Extreme 3g Pocket Diaper Giveaway!

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BabyKicks has teamed up with Baby Half Off to bring you one of the most extreme giveaways ever! We are giving away one of our new 3g Pocket Diapers to 80 lucky winners! Yes, 80 lucky winners! Chances of winning this diaper are much higher than in a usual giveaway with hundreds of entries. It’s simple to win and easy to enter, just check out Baby Half Off’s blog for all the details. Thank you for participating and good luck to you all!


BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper LIVE DEMO!!!

You’ve probably heard about our new BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper already, perhaps you heard about the new bright colors or the trim design. But, if you haven’t this is a great opportunity to learn about one of the most dependable and versatile cloth diapers on the market right now. We have modified our signature Pocket Diaper to cater to babies of all shapes and sizes. We have even gone a step further to make sure the BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper will truly fit a newborn from the very beginning. We want to point out all the great new features of the 3g Pocket Diaper as well as the differences between the 3g and the Bumboo Pocket 2.0 version. To do this we are hosting a live webinar on Wednesday October 20, 2010 at 2pm (est). We want to answer all of your questions about the new 3g Pocket Diaper and invite you to join us during the class. Here is the link to the webinar: www.ustream.tv/channel/BabyKicks, and remember you can watch the webinar from anywhere, it’s free, and will only last about 30 minutes. The more the merrier and we hope to see you then!

3g inside blue bum All Colors red bum snap options

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